Some WIPs of a zine I made this week.

The Heart Collectors will be at Canzine East on November 1st. It’s my first Toronto event, so see you locals there! So excited!

I’m in the process of scanning some travel sketches as I finished up my last page of my moleskin. It’s kind of a shame to put a year’s worth of sketches away so they’ll be made into another zine. Basically, I can’t stop making zines now that I’ve started. 

Several weeks of sketching - I’ve been hit by busy lately.

1) Some Rin/Sakura sketches while watching the new animation for Fate/Stay Night - ufotable is just so good at doing these type-moon series

2-3) Can you tell I miss playing Kingdom Hearts.

4) A legit thing I heard Max say to some poor kid during a play date.

5) PSYCHO PASS IS BACK - can’t curb my love for dystopian cop thrillers, I started a sketchbook project to draw something after every episode.

6-7) process and printed photos of my Halloween mailer

8) Coffee shop heads with graphite. 

Also, hello new followers! Thanks for following! 

Some sketches from accumulated weeks, trying to get back into the swing of things after that laptop disaster and job hunting.

But good news, I got a new workspace and an awesome fold out IKEA PS desk. I’m absolutely in love with it! It’s the perfect size for me as I’m a tiny creature. I’m situating next to a stunning view of Toronto, and the fresh scent of laundry on the 3rd floor of my family’s town house. 

1) I went to the Japan Toronto Foundation library with all intentions of getting a library and borrowing large amounts of comic books - but they had a really cool industrial design exhibit going on. So I became productive, and stood around sketching some of the objects. 

2) Maze Runner was a fun movie, I went to see it under a recommendation from a friend. Though, It was strange being in a theatre filled with so many teenage girls. 

3) 6 Year Old Problems - featuring my nephew, Max.

4) Some early process work of a Halloween card to send back home, it’s my favourite time of the year. I’m thinking of dressing up as a Froakie this year. 

5/6) Process work of a 8 panel I was working on yesterday for my graphic novel course. My roughs usually start ridiculously on a piece of paper to get the placement of things. It’s pretty much chicken scratch, but it’s a good process to get images out of my brain. 

This week in sketching! Late update, I know, but my laptop went to heaven this past week and now I’m in a bit of a debt. But hey, back to paper and ink.

1) a time lapse comic I’ve been working on, daily practice is good. It’s the view from the dining room table I’m working off on at my cousin’s

2) figure drawing - draped model, with ink

3) the view of Toronto from my aunt’s place in Humber

4) a wip on a 30 day song challenge before my laptop failed on me

5) a 2 minute selfie

This week in sketching!

I’m running out of room in the moleskin pretty soon, gotta run out and buy a new one.

1) I’ve been doing some cafe running - sketches from Rooster Cafe in Riverdale
And a bit of a modcloth wish list thrown in

2) Some beginning plans for a piece based on Vienna Teng’s music

3) 誰か、海を。- sketch inspired by the new single from Aimer for the animation series, Terror in Resonance

4) Messy sketching in my cousin’s place and at Merchant’s Coffee House

5) More heads and faces.

thank you for the happiness

I attended TIFF for the first time this weekend! I had the pleasure of seeing the North American debut of The Tale of Princess Kaguya. It was such an amazing film, probably one of the best 2D animation films I’ve seen. The story, even though I knew the ending, was spun in such an original way that it exceeded all my expectations.

I totally didn’t know Isao Takahata was in attendance, I puked a little on the inside when I saw him on stage. I’ve been watching his films for so long, and having him there was too much. Only Yesterday still remains as one of my favourites in his line of work.